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Our cakes are built with the best quality ingredients to give you the richest tastes and texture. We use Unbleached flour, Organic Eggs, Organic flavoring and Organic Cane sugar. Because of our premium ingredients, expect a richer, creamier,more delicious taste with each bite! Request a quote for a custom cake by combining our premium cake & filling flavors :




~ Our wedding cakes start at N 50,000.
~ Consultations are held at the studio, you will share your ideas, and together we will make your dream cake come alive. You will be served a variety of cake samples, based on your choice from the flavor section before the consultation. While tasting goes on, I will sketch the inspired design, and ofcourse you choose the flavor or flavors you want for each tier.
~ Consultation fee is N10,000


~ After the consultation, you are required to pay a non-refundable downpayment of 40% of your order to secure your booking. If you wish to pay the whole fee upfront that would be accepted.
~ A bank transfer to Pomelo Cakes or Cash payment is a preferred method of payment.

~ For celebration cakes a complete deposit is required.


~Your cake can be picked up, however we recommend delivering it.

~You may pick up your wedding cake which will be securely stacked and boxed for you to place at your venue. However we would recommend we deliver and set up the Cake or Cakes. They can be fragile especially sugar flowers and they command a light touch in arranging them onto the cake.


~ 8 inches 20-24 servings

~ 10 inches 28-38 servings

~ 12 inches 40-56 servings

~ 14 inches 63-78 servings

~ 16 inches 77-100 servings


Joy comes from a home where art naturally flows; Everyone is an artist. Watching her mum bake and dad paint while growing up left a remarkable impression on her young mind. Long after her parents diverted attention to other aspects of life the impression remained. She began baking for fun and sometime in 2012 she planned a surprise party with her twin sister for a friend of theirs, and insisted on baking and decorating the cakes. After that experience, she knew baking was what she wanted to do…and from then on whilst a student in Abilene Christian University, Abilene Texas, she began her baking career, baking for friends family, selling cup cakes on campus. Every one loved Joy’s cakes and wanted some more.
Upon graduation in May 2016, she went for more professional training in London and USA, and thereafter lunched Pomelo Cakes & Pastries. Joy’s flavors includes custom made amongst the many everyday flavors, but the cakes are distinctive.. It Just has to be Pomelo Cakes if you are looking for that real homemade buttery cakes…Welcome to the experience, Welcome to Pomelo Cakes & Pastries.

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